Introduction to: Think Like A Leader

There are many definitions of the terms leader and leadership. Historians, scientists, theorists, researches, scholars, and practitioners from many fields of endeavor have identified countless characteristics and traits of good and successful leaders. However, in spite of all of these efforts, no single definition, no universal list of attributes, and no all-encompassing metric for quantifying successful leadership has yet been devised. Instead, leaders continually enhance, refine, and redefine the art and science of leadership.

There are, nonetheless, a host of powerful leadership realities that continually stand the often-harsh tests of time. These truths, in large measure, are what drive how leaders think and thus how they lead. As such, they are worthy of thoughtful attention and careful consideration by those aspiring to be leaders and those who currently serve as leaders. These realisms can and will empower contemporary leaders, as they attentively learn from the past, purposefully engage in the present, and thoughtfully anticipate the future.

The blogs offered in this series are presented in no specific order. They will be offered biweekly and titled for easy reference. They will be brief, focused, and to the point. The degree to which the learning objective of each blog is met, and the degree to which this blogger’s mission is realized will best be measured by you. Specifically, the measure will be the degree to which your ability to think and act like a leader is expanded and enriched.

Thank you!