Michael McGough

Leading vs Managing

The building was 150-plus years old. The years had taken a toll. Several efforts had been made to modernize it. Some worked, some didn’t, and some created more problems than they solved. Even so, it was structurally sound, and it stood as a local landmark. A small group of interested people wanted to restore it […]

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A Leap of Faith

She retired on December 31, 2003 from the printing company where she had worked for more than 35 years. She was 55 years old, her health was good, and she was okay financially. She had a nice circle of family and friends. Her marriage ended in a divorce 30 years earlier, but in the best

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Butchering A Pig

As was true for many companies during the Covid crisis, they faced numerous slowdowns and temporary shutdowns at their cookie plant.  During those times, management took a thorough look at their facility, their workforce, and how they could update, improve, and expand both.  As the company emerged from the darkest days of the pandemic, the

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Just the Way He Is

Arthur was the oldest member of the board both in age and in service.  It was a volunteer board and service carried no salary, no benefits, and no perks.  They were a non-profit public service organization.  Anyone who served on the board did so just because they wanted to serve. During his 40 years on

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It was going to be a long drawn-out process.  That was if everything fell into place perfectly, if all parties involved were in total agreement, and if there were no unexpected complications.  That would be three big ifs in any project, but in this one they were enormous.  From the onset, there were no ifs,

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Take Me Out to the Ball Game

The growingly divisive nature of politics was off-putting to him.  He saw friendships dissolve, family members disgruntled with each other, and an ongoing rush to judgment, that in way too many cases was based on what one network offered as opposed to another.  Increasingly, fact was giving way to fanciful imagination that if screamed loud

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What Grows in Your Garner

He is a meanderer.  When something catches his eye, he is drawn to it like a magnet.  A trip to the store for two or three items can take four to five hours.  Oh, he almost always gets what he goes for, but on the way, he makes numerous other stops.  He ends up getting

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Warts and All

There was never any real question in his mind, much past fourth grade.  He wanted to teach history and government.  Fourth grade was a tipping point in his thinking about the eternal question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  There were a few times when he briefly thought about other career

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Some Things Don’t Change

“How have things changed since you were a child?”  Area seniors were asked to respond to this prompt by a local agency on aging.  The agency wanted to create contacts with the senior community, and at the same time learn a little about them.  If they requested, students from a local college writing class would

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Out and About

None of the three incidents were life threatening, but they all required surgical procedures to set them right.  His general health was good, so he made it through the surgeries well.   Each time he was beyond pleased and felt blessed to get through the surgeries and begin recovery.  Although he welcomed his return home, after

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