Hear kind words from Dr. Mike’s keynote/seminar attendees

Compelling, enriching, relevant, and meaningful

The Team reacted positively to the seminar Leader Under Fire: Lessons From Flight 93 feeling that it was compelling, enriching, relevant, and meaningful to them both personally and professionally. Participating in the seminar was powerful, and the lessons – both for our country and for our District – were strongly connected to our work. They rated this seminar as the best Leadership Team Retreat to date (from over 15 years of Retreats)!

Superintendent, School District

York County, PA

Learning leadership from Dr. Mike is like learning English from Shakespeare

Learning leadership from Dr. Mike is like learning English from Shakespeare. His ability to use his knowledge of history to teach leadership strategies is truly amazing.

Chief School Officer

North Carolina

Dr. Michael McGough is an
American treasure

Dr. Michael McGough is an American treasure. When I first heard Dr. McGough, I was immediately captivated by his amazing blending of history with timeless lessons of leadership. I would encourage anyone in a position of leadership or aspiring to leadership to listen, learn and live the timeless lessons imparted in Mike McGough’s program. Michael McGough’s keynotes and on-site seminars can be the key to unlocking the leadership potential in your organization and establishing the foundation for transformational change.

President and CEO

Wealth Management & Legal Advising Firm

The day together served to strengthen our team

Leadership Under Fire: Lessons from the Battle of Gettysburg allowed our administrative team to consider fundamental leadership ideas throughout our time visiting the field at Gettysburg led by Dr. Mike McGough. The day together served to strengthen our team and we continue to reflect and apply the lessons learned well after the seminar.

The Lenape Regional High School District

Leadership Team

Seminars have been an annual highpoint

Dr. McGough’s seminars have been an annual highpoint for the visiting Fellows in our International Fellowship program. His knowledge, expertise, and presentation style provide real world examples as Fellows seek to employ his strategies and techniques directly into their personal and professional journeys.


University International Programs and Fellowships

Thought provoking historical lessons and stories

Dr. McGough’s keynotes and seminars brilliantly integrate leadership theory and leadership practice. He does so through a compendium of market-anchored experiences conveyed through thought provoking historical lessons and stories.

COO, Integrated Health Care System

Professor, Graduate and Undergraduate Business
President, Organizational Consulting Firm

Provided me and my team with the tools and supports

Taking the time to actually learn and reflect upon who you are as a leader is essential for success. Dr. McGough provided me and my team with the tools and supports we needed to learn who we were as leaders so that we could work better with each other as a team.


Local Education Agency

Masterful in making history come alive

Dr. Michael McGough is masterful in making history come alive. He connects players in historic events and the decisions they made to the actions of leadership today. Whether you are reading, following or just listening to Mike McGough, you will experience a valuable lesson and even an intrinsic change toward your own journey as a leader.

Executive Director

Professional Development
and Research Consortium

He astutely draws participants into his workshops

All of Dr. McGough’s seminars are wonderfully prepared, considerate of the audience to whom he is speaking, and grounded in his own past experience as an educator. While some might say the work of a school leader is not as dangerous or meaningful as that of the military leaders of the Civil War, Dr. McGough’s storytelling, paired with his keen understanding of the work leaders do ensures that participants are captivated. He astutely draws participants into his workshops, so that it is so much more than a history lesson. Instead, it is an interactive, journey that involves practical application into our daily work. Anyone who is a part of a leadership team owes it to that team to experience the work of Dr. Michael McGough.

Superintendent & President

Public School District President
State-wide Association of Educational Leaders

His keynotes and seminars are most strongly recommended

During his entire presentation, Dr. McGough had the audience engaged and captivated as he provided an analysis of historic leadership lessons that are relevant and customizable for our leaders today. His keynotes and seminars are most strongly recommended for business, workforce, and education systems; you will not be disappointed!


Career and Workforce Development
Service Provider

He captivated the audience

Dr. McGough’s presentation to our fire officers was exceptional and intriguing. His engaging and collaborative teaching style was perfect for our officers. He demonstrated lessons learned and the consequences of leadership actions taken and not taken. Sometimes teaching leadership is difficult to the fire service, but he knocked it out of the park. He captivated the audience.


Major Metropolitan Fire Service

One of those presentations you’ll never forget. A must see.

Our team was totally engrossed in Dr. McGough’s seminar. He provided a historic, relevant, and engaging overview of various leadership styles and lessons. His presentation was truly inspirational. It offered strategies and captivating examples of effective and ineffective application of leadership skills. One of those presentations you’ll never forget. A must see.


National Non-Profit Youth Services Organization

Our audience gave him the highest aggregate rating possible

McGough was outstanding – not only making the leadership lessons of history accessible to a general audience, but leaving them eager to learn more. This is what 21st century lessons about history should be. Even the historians in the room were cheering this presentation. Our audience gave him the highest aggregate rating possible.

Executive Director

State-wide Association of School Organizations

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